OREA Continuing Education Courses

Oklahoma Real Estate Continuing Education

We offer a wide variety of online Continuing Education courses for the Oklahoma real estate agent that does not have enough time to go take classes in the classroom. Some of our courses are elective only, some are required and elective. It is important to note that a student can only receive credit for a class one time per 3 year renewal cycle.

A student may receive credit in a required category once. So, if a student were to take two different contract (CON) classes that were both 3 hours long, they would receive 1 required hour for their CON category and 5 elective hours. But if the student were to take the same 3 hour contract class twice, they would receive 1 required CON hour and 2 elective hours.

We report attendance to the real estate commission every 7 days. If you need attendance reported sooner than that, there is a $10 rush fee. To have that done, contact us at 918-481-8201.

Online CE Packages